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California Banking Rates is a free resource that helps you find the most competitive local interest rates that best suit your needs. California Banking Rates works with thousands of banks, credit unions, lenders, mortgage companies, credit card companies and other financial institutions to bring you the most up-to-date deposit rates and loan rates.

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California Banking Rates also can match you with the best local companies based on your current credit rating and credit score. No matter what your credit score is, California Banking Rates has special relationships with companies who can get you what you are looking for, including the best refinance rates, great CD and savings rates, low interest rates for auto loans and thousands of low rate credit cards to match anyone’s needs.

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Let us know what type of interest rate you are interested in and we will find the financial institutions in your state offering the best rates for your needs. Our service is completely free–take your time, research our partners and find the best rates for you. You can also e-mail us anytime with questions you have about interest rates, comparing rates, rate quotes or any other information you need to better understand how to get the best rates for you!