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Kids Savings Account Deal of the Day: American Riviera Bank at 9.65% APY

Young savers can get the rewarding sense of accomplishment with the best savings account rate available in Ventura, California. Today, American Riviera Bank offers a Kids Savings Account with a 9.65% APY rate that motivates children of all ages to save money and reach savings goals.

Savings Account Terms and Conditions

There is no minimum opening deposit required to take advantage of the best savings account product from American Riviera Bank. The quarterly service charge is waived, and young depositors can receive 9.65% APY in returns on their first $500 account balance. Thereafter, account holders will earn at the basic savings account rate. Interest earnings are calculated daily and paid every quarter.

About American Riviera Bank

American Riviera Bank is a local financial institution serving the city of Ventura and the greater Santa Barbara community. They pride themselves in providing the best savings account products and stellar customer service in the area. Their mission is to help uphold the values and financial goals of the community, and encourage smarter money practices in the household.

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