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High-Yield Savings Account Deal of the Day: Fresno County Federal Credit Union at 1.01% APY

Many say maintaining good health is priceless, but for Fresno, CA residents with a high-deductible health plan, the cost of health care can be devastating. Fresno County Federal Credit Union has developed a solution to help families address rising medical expenses with their high-yield savings account specifically tailored for individuals in this situation. Today, depositors can earn 1.01% APY on health savings accounts from the institution.

High-Yield Savings Account Terms

In order to open a high-yield savings account toward building a health deductible fund, members are required to maintain a minimum account balance of $10,000. Medical expenses that the account can go toward include: Co-pays, deductibles, dental and vision care expenses, prescriptions and more.

The Fresno County Federal Credit Union does not impose a “use it, or lose it” rule on their health savings account. Therefore, all funds deposited and earned remain yours for future emergency health costs.

About Fresno County Federal Credit Union

In January 24, 1941, the Fresno County Employees Credit Union was created to help county employees reach their financial goals by saving money in a practical way. Over the years the institution has faced a lot of changes, but what hasn’t changed is their commitment to the credit union motto of “people helping people.” Fresno County Federal Credit Union currently has six conveniently located branches and 14 ATMs that make accessing funds easy and hassle-free.

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