California Banking Rates

Checking Account Interest Rates & Fees

A checking account is one of those things that practically everyone needs. Most people don’t put much thought into it. They simply pick a bank and open a general checking account.

What Interest Rates Mean

The problem is, most people do not think to check the interest rates on their checking accounts, both when they open it and periodically (remember, banks can change their rates so you should be sure to monitor your account). If you regularly keep a balance in your account, and your California bank does not offer a high interest rate, you could be missing out on a great money-making opportunity. You don’t want to be the person that is being left out in the cold while everyone is taking advantage of great rates on their accounts.

How You Can Save More

A savings account with a high interest rate can mean the difference between earning cents on your dollar or hundreds of dollars a year. Check with your local California bank to see what kind of rates they can offer you.