California Banking Rates

Using an Automatic Savings Plan Calfornia

One of the best ways to grow your savings in California, beyond getting the best savings interest rates from your bank or credit union, is to set-up an automatic savings plan. This way, you’re saving money on a regular basis and paying yourself first.

How to Set up an Automatic Savings Account

You can work with your bank to automatically take any amount from a checking account or a paycheck that is direct deposited or from other accounts and add to your savings account each month. Start with a small amount of money and eventually allocate more as you begin to feel more comfortable with the withdrawals. This way, you know your savings account is growing every month, no matter what, without even having to think about it. Plus, the interest payments you receive will grow those deposits further.

How California Rates Can Help you Save

Make sure you’re maximizing your money’s potential by getting the best California savings rate possible. California Banking Rates can help you sort through all the interest rates offered by California financial institutions and locate only the top offers.