California Banking Rates

Your Credit and Personal Loans

These days, a credit card is pretty easy to get. How you use that credit card, however affects your credit score and ultimately, how much money you’ll may for things in the future.

Kinds of Credit

Creditors like to see a variety of different types of accounts in your credit history. This includes revolving credit, such as credit cards and home equity lines of credit, installment loans, such as auto loans, personal loans and student loans, and mortgages. However, having too many personal loans could negatively impact your credit. Before you apply for a California personal loan, you should get a free credit report and learn your credit score.

Personal Loan Rates

Getting a personal loan can help you establish your credit. Personal loan rates are typically based on the credit worthiness of the borrower, as well as the credit worthiness of any co-signer. The better the credit score the lower the personal loan rates. Banks and lenders look at many things to approve an applicant, or approve a person looking to consolidate their loans, but in order to get the lower loan rates, a borrower should either have very strong credit, or at least find a co-signer with great credit.