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Credit Union Review: Lassen County Federal Credit Union

People are moving their money from large, commercial banks to local credit unions and community banks. Still, if you’ve made the decision to move to a more customer-friendly institution, you’re going to be doing a bit of shopping around. We’re profiling California credit unions to help you find the best place to move your money. This week, it’s Lassen County Federal Credit Union.

Checking Services

Lassen County Federal Credit union is a California credit union offering much in the way of checking services. There are checking services for general customers, senior citizens and businesses. Features of a Lassen County Federal Credit Union checking account include:

  • No monthly service fee for personal accounts
  • No minimum balance for personal accounts
  • Unlimited check writing privileges on every account
  • One free box of checks per year for senior citizens
  • A low $5 monthly fee for business accounts
  • Direct deposit
  • Online banking
  • Online bill paying

In short, you’ll get the same services you’re getting from a big commercial bank, but without the associated fees.

Savings Services

There are a variety of savings services offered by Lassen County Federal Credit Union. This California credit union offers:

  • Traditional savings accounts
  • IRAs to help you save for retirement
  • Money market account for people with larger amounts of savings
  • Certificates of deposit

Membership Requirements

Unlike a commercial bank where just about anyone can get an account, California credit unions are for member-owners only. This means that you must meet certain requirements to sign up for an account at Lassen County Federal Credit Union. Fortunately, eligibility requirements are fairly broad:

  • People who work, live or regularly worship in Lassen County may become members, as may business owners of businesses in Lassen County
  • You were a member of record before November 29, 1999
  • You were the spouse of a deceased person who was a member of the credit union
  • You are an employee of the California credit union
  • You are a family member or household member of a person who qualifies using the above criteria

With so many benefits to be had at California credit unions, particularly at Lassen County Federal Credit Union, it’s no wonder why more depositors are turning to local banks and credit union institutions.