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California Credit Union Profile: Star One Credit Union

star one credit union

Credit unions have become increasingly popular because of the “move your money” movement. Rather than operating on a for-profit basis, they are run democratically in the interests of the members, with all money reinvested in the credit union. If you’re looking to move your money to a top California credit union, we’ll be profiling some of the best over the coming weeks.

This week we’re profiling Star One Credit Union, one of the best credit unions in California.

California Credit Union Services

Star One Credit Union is the largest member-owned financial institution in the entire Silicon Valley, including 89,000 members and over $6 billion in assets, making it not just one of California’s top credit unions, but also one of the ten biggest in the country. This means that you won’t sacrifice nearly anything you’re getting from your big commercial bank. Star One Credit Union considers itself one of the best credit unions in California because it offers:

  • Attractively high interest rates on savings accounts
  • Competitively low interest rates on all loans
  • Low or no fees on standard banking services like credit cards and checking account
  • Both savings and checking accounts for personal and business clients
  • ESAs and IRAs to help you plan for retirement
  • Student and youth accounts to teach your children financial responsibility

California Credit Union Loans

You can get loans from Star One Credit Union for a variety of products and services, including:

  • Loans for purchasing your own home as well as investment properties
  • Loans on new and used cars
  • Student loans to help you pay for college
  • Personal loans to help you get through hard times

All of these come to you from one of the best California credit unions, meaning that the rates are competitive with that of commercial banks — but you have to be a member.

Star One Credit Union is a credit union servicing residents of Santa Clara County and employees of certain businesses. If you’re interested in learning more, contact a banker at Star One Credit Union.