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Airco Federal Credit Union: Bringing Service to You

California Credit Unions
Are you looking to move your money from a large, commercial bank to one of the many smaller, non-profit California credit unions? You aren’t alone.

But you might be wondering if you qualify for membership or if you can get the same services that a large commercial bank offers. In this continuing series on California credit unions, we present Airco Federal Credit Union.

Airco Federal Credit Union Membership

Unfortunately, membership requirements for Airco Federal Credit Union are quite narrow. You cannot be a member of the credit union unless you are an employee of ACCO Engineered Systems or one of its subsidiaries. Immediate family members of such employees are also eligible for membership, but the credit union is not open to the general public.

Personal Banking Services

For those who do qualify for membership, Airco Federal Credit Union offers many of the same banking services you’ve come to expect at a commercial bank, but with the non-profit approach California credit unions are known for. Airco Federal Credit Union products include:

  • Personal savings accounts
  • Personal checking accounts
  • IRAs
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Online banking


Just because you’re doing your banking at a non-profit California credit union doesn’t mean you can’t get the same type of lending services you’ve come to expect from a bank. Loan products and services offered to members include:

  • Automobile and motorcycle loans for new and used vehicles
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Holiday and vacation loans
  • Boat and watercraft loans
  • Recreational vehicle loans

Talk to a personal banker at Airco Federal Credit Union about the right loan products and services offered by this California credit union for you and your family.

Banking Locally with Airco FCU

While Airco Federal Credit Union is not open to the public, those eligible for membership would do well to take advantage of the services offered by California credit unions. You will find that it is much the same as doing business with a larger commercial bank, but with a more personal touch.