California Banking Rates

CD Rates When Interest Rates are Falling in California

Everyone wants to ensure that they have financial security and plenty of money for retirement. The first step towards managing your money is learning how to invest. Given recent developments in the stock market, some people may bristle at this idea. However, one of the safest investment options is CDs.

Advantages of Investing in CDs

One of the big pluses of investing in a CD is that you will recoup at least the amount of money you put in when the CD matures. Another clear advantage of investing in CDs is that CD Rates are fixed, meaning you can lock in an interest rate for the entire term of the CD, and it does not change.

When interest rates are dropping, your CD stays at a higher rate. If you money is in a savings account, or interest paying checking account, your interest rate will drop daily, if rates are falling. Learn from California Banking Rate  if rates are falling or rising, and make the right choice to earn more money.