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Best 6-month CD Rates in California – April 13, 2011

If you’re looking for an easy and safe investment, try investing in a CD. Real estate prices are in flux, the stock market isn’t very reliable and retirement accounts can take a hit, like they did during the most recent economic crisis.

The process begins with finding a certificate of deposit that has a good rate and will help you achieve your financial goals. 6-month CDs generally offer rates that beat savings accounts without requiring a long investment period. So if you find a great 6-month CD rate in California, you’re taking the first step towards financial freedom.

Now that you’re on board, the question is how do you determine what a good CD rate is? It takes a bit of research, but California Banking Rates is here to help you find out.

Six Month CD Rates in California Today

As of today, there are a total of [accountcount type=”6″] six-month certificate of deposits accounts available in California. Of those, this is a breakdown of their rates:

Highest 6-month CD rate in California

[accountlist type=”6″ order=”desc” count=”1″ bankname=”on”] APY

Lowest California 6-month CD rate

[accountlist type=”6″ order=”asc” count=”1″ bankname=”off”] APY

Average 6-month CD rate in California

Finally, the average rate in California is [accountaverage type=”6″] APY.

Use this rate as a benchmark for comparing the rest of the interest rates in California you find. If you happen to find rates close to or more than the state average, consider those good offers.

NOTE: These rates are accurate as of 4/13/11 but are subject to change at any time in the future. The most up-to-date CD rates for all terms can be found at our California CD rates page.