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New Auto Loan Rates Deal of the Day: Mendo Lake Credit Union at 1.99% APR

Finding financing with car loan rates under 2% is never easy. But members of Mendo Lake Credit Union are lucky enough to have car loan rates that low at their disposal, as the credit union is offering 1.99% on newer vehicles. There can be a million reasons to put off buying a  new car for various reasons, but with auto financing rates this low car shoppers should get off the sidelines.

Auto Loan Terms and Conditions

Mendo Lake Credit Union offers new auto loans at a rate of 1.99% APR.  The specified car loan rates are available on loan terms up to 60 months with up to 100% financing. Longer terms or higher loan to values are available at higher rates and subject to credit approval.  Special car loan rate discounts include a .25% reduction for auto payment, and a .50% reduction for hybrid & high MPG vehicles.

About Mendo Lake Credit Union

Mendo Lake Credit Union in Ukiah, California was established in 1959. Mendo Lake Credit Union is owned by its members and operates as a non-profit financial institution.  Today, it is the 136th largest credit union in California and it is proud to be known for its 5-star health rating.

The Mendo Lake Credit Union offers a range of financial products and services. It provides a number of checking, savings, money market and individual retirement accounts, plus certificates of deposit. The union also offers various automobile, home equity and personal loans, plus lines of credit. It also provides safe-deposit boxes and traveler’s checks, as well as overdraft protection, direct deposit and automatic payroll deduction solutions. The Credit Union also offers ATM and online banking solutions. Members’ savings are insured by NCUA by up to $250,000.

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