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Deal of the Day: United Workers Federal Credit Union Car Loans at 1.99% APR

united workers federal credit union

Car loans can be as varied as the cars they finance. There are many makes and models out there, some reliable, some not — some affordable, some inflated. With the right auto loan, borrowing becomes affordable, monthly payments stay manageable, credit is built and people get to drive their dream car without compromise. In Castro Valley, CA, this can happen through the United Workers Federal Credit Union‘s auto loan of 1.99% APR.

United Workers Federal Credit Union Car Loans: Terms and Conditions

For new cars, the credit union will finance up to 125% of the vehicle’s value, up to 48 months at the 1.99% interest rate. This offer is conditional on an applicant’s credit history and Level 1-based credit score. Once approved, the interest rate will not change unless borrowers choose to refinance down the road.

About United Workers Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1956, United Workers Federal Credit Union was the creation of John Reid, original manager of the Butchers Credit Union. Originally comprising members of Butchers Union #120, over the years UWFCU expanded to include United Food & Commercial Workers Local #101, Rexam Beverage Can Company and, most recently, IBEW Local #595 of Alameda County. This unification has strengthened the credit union’s membership and financial offerings.

Take advantage of low-rate car loans.

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